Attend our performances and get to know us.  You'll not only discover our great selection of music that appeals to a wide range of audiences, but you'll notice our professionalism, how well we work together and respect each other.  If nothing else, you'll have a great time!

"Music is my life.  Life is my music."

Information: 720.855.8166

Simply put, our musical mission is devoted to you.  We play the best possible music at our performances to ensure you have a great time and dance so much that your shoes catch fire!  (Sorry, but we're not responsible for replacing flaming shoes.)

We love music and people!

It's always about you

Our Goal

The highest integrity

We hold ourselves to a high standard, whether we're performing at a public event or a private party.  Put us to the test and hire us for the special events in your life that require high quality music and a performance that your audiences or guests will enjoy.

Our band is a stellar collection of talented, dedicated professional musicians who combine a love of music with a desire to perform to our highest musical potential. That passion is reflected in our music! 

Rick Garcia

        Band Leader, Rick Garcia Band