This long-time and dedicated member of the band is undeniably one of the best bass players in Denver, who also provides background and harmonizing vocals.

Jim Abeyta

​​​​​​​Information: 720.855.8166

Ralph Trujillo

Photo pending.

Photo pending.

An incredible drummer who jumps right into any song that's thrown at him and keeps the beat without missing a beat.  He must have eight arms that we can't see!

Rick Garcia

The Rick Garcia Band does more than entertain audiences with its signature blend of Tex-Mex and New Mexico music, sprinkled with country, rock and oldies.  Dynamic and exciting, moving easily from one music genre to another, the Rick Garcia Band is by all measures a party band whose rousing fluid mix of English and Spanish songs gets audiences of all ages and walks of life on their feet and dancing.

A versatile, incredibly talented musician whose presence is hard to miss due to his mastery of the piano, accordion, guitar and harmonica - in addition to providing background vocals!

Matt Bassano

The heart and soul of the band is known for his vocal ability and stage presence, and easily engages diverse audiences because of a common understanding and appreciation for great music and a good time.